Kid’s Corner: I Love Flores de Mayo

by Ava Garza Bunao

On Flores de Mayo, my choir family & I sing special songs dedicated to Mama Mary.

I love participating in a special procession where we pray the rosary. Everybody, young and old wear white and pastel outfits.

When we get inside the church everybody offer colorful, pretty flowers to a statue of Mama Mary.

Then, while the adult & youth choir sing Reyna ng Langit, a little girl and a couple crown the statue of Mama Mary.

After church, everybody goes to the social hall. We have a program and we perform Filipino folk dances, we sing and listen to beautiful songs.

This year, my younger sister, the youth choir and I, are doing a salakot dance and we are singing leron leron sinta. We love our colorful costumes.

Someday, I would like to fly to Naga and Bohol and experience Flores de Mayo just like what mom and dad did when they were a kid like me.Ω