KKPM Through the Years

by Adoracion Chang, Clyde Ebo & Flor Sitchon

In late 2000 Cardinal Maida discussed with Fr. Gary Schulte of St. Sylvester how Filipino Catholics should unify in the practice of their faith. Despite being scattered across the state, a monthly mass would bind the Filipino community and perpetuate our rich culture and traditions.

Fr. Gary shared this vision with then-Associate Pastor Fr. Tim Galos. Under the leadership of Dr. Adoring Chang, founding President of the KKPM, the First Saturday Mass of the Filipino community was celebrated at St. Sylvester in February 2001. The Fatima Group hosted this first Mass. This was attended by representatives from various Filipino prayer and secular organizations led by The Fatima Group attending en masse. Different groups alternated in hosting the following monthly First Saturday Masses. Through the initiative of Fr. Tim, a Pastoral Council was convened with the participation of different prayer groups and organizations from the Filipino community. They unanimously agreed to work to introduce and perpetuate our unique, centuriesold religious traditions. The activities would include not only the participation of future generations, they would be open to our friends of different nationalities and ethnicities.

A monthly newsletter debuted in June 2001, which informed the community of the Council’s functions and upcoming events. In the inaugural newsletter, Fr. Tim wrote, "Even though we are in this big and rich land of the United States, yet, we still look back to where we once were born and reminisce about the happy and sad moments back home. Indeed, we can’t deny the fact that those memories of the past make us homesick." The Council’s activities aimed to maintain our cultural links with our homelandwelcoming the opportunities offered by our adopted homeland but honoring our sacred traditions.

In December 2001, the KKPM coordinated the first Simbang Gabi Masses. This presented the new organization with numerous logistical challenges in order to promote the event and encourage attendance. The core group visited a different church each night of the novena masses, bringing with them musical equipment and other paraphernalia.

When Fr. Tim moved to St. Michael in 2004, so did the First Saturday Mass. Since December of 2005, KKPM masses have been at St. Rene. This change of venue was facilitated upon the request of Fr. Tim and Lolit Tacderas, then KKPM secretary and St Rene parishioner, to Fr. Steve Koehler, parish priest of St. Rene Goupil to hold our monthly masses at his church. Fr. Steve was very receptive and welcomed our group wholeheartedly.

The KKPM is now run by its Executive Council(2015-2017), composed of 20 young, passionate and energetic officers, board members, community and organizational representatives. Prior to that, Billie Belen led KKPM for 5 years. We benefit from three amazing spiritual advisers: Fr. Tim Galos, Msgr John Vargas, and Fr Felix Alsola. Founding President Dr. Adoring Chang also continues to lend her valuable support to our activities.

With the enthusiastic support of the Filipino clergy and community, nearly all of the activities initiated 16 years ago have been continually observed.

We are now relaunching the KKPM newsletter, renamed the KKPM Scribe, which will be hosted on St. Rene’s website.

With the Grace of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and intercession of our Blessed Mother may KKPM continue with its objectives for years to come - ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD! (Sources: L. Tacderas, T. Galos, KKFM, 2001; A. Chang;)Ω