Liturgy: The Scribe

by Msgr. John Vargas

Our KKPM newsletter is title “The Scribe”. The expression comes from the latin word “scribere” meaning to write. KKPM scribe writes about his Filipino-American life in consonance with habits and customs of our country, our beloved Philippines.

The “Scribe” will focus its “Vision” on KKPM’s message of unifying our Filipino Catholic heritage - be it in Liturgy and Worship.

The “Mission” is to preserve “Filipino traditions in liturgy and worship, support Filipino American communities and the local church we belong to, provide formation of Christian values, develop social and outreach programs, and foster good relations with other religious communities.”

A genuine “Scribe” must affirm his action and confirm his ideas with holiness life. Could anyone ever be? Wait… in due time, you will see?Ω