Name the KKPM Newsletter Contest

by Daniel Anzaldo & Clyde Ebo

The most challenging task is to come up with a name for the KKPM newsletter. Our supportive, energetic and fun President, Tita Flor came up with the “Name the KKPM Newsletter Contest” and at the same time donated the prize for the winners.

There were several factors taken into consideration: Originality, Simple yet Catching, Reflective of what KKPM stands for, and Art Work.

There were 7 entries, which was narrowed down to 5 by a panel of judges. The KKPM general membership voted on the best name that embodies the spirit and unity of the KKPM membership.

Daniel Anzaldo’s KKPM Scribe was the winning entry. He won $ 50 and plaque. Randy Bernardez’ KKPM Revelations was the 1st runner up, with $25 and plaque.

Daniel shares with us how and what inspired him to come up with the name, “In designing the entries for the newsletter title, I considered the Filipino Culture, the Holy Eucharist, and the often overlooked role of journalist. These three are essential in defining a true Filipino Catholic. The chosen title "KKPM Scribe" summarizes these traits and reinforces our prophetic duty to be scribes of God's kingdom here on earth, and that we the Filipino people here in Michigan do our utmost to serve Him with love, faith and spreading of hope through good works. Mabuhay ang KKPM!”Ω