Straight From The Heart

by Flor Sitchon

It is always nerve-wrecking to start something new. So you can just imagine how many butterflies are taking over my whole body on the construction of this maiden issue of our newsletter, The KKPM Scribe.

As our organization grows, so does the need for us to be able to share information about our activities and events with other Filipino- American organizations and communities in Michigan. WE ARE SO EXCITED and HONORED to be a part of the ST. RENE GOUPI PARISH website which has allowed us to achieve this.

St Rene Goupil Parish has been KKPM’s home since 2005. Here, we hold our traditional Filipino mass every first Saturday of the month. Thank you to our loving Parish Priest, Fr. Steve Kohler for enabling us to share our Filipino language, culture, heritage, values and traditions with others through worship and music.

I sincerely hope that you can join us every first Saturday of the month at 7pm for our traditional Filipino mass, and thereafter share a FUN evening of camaraderie with us. A sumptuous dinner is always provided by our very supportive sponsors.

We also have four Ministries that are open to anyone and everyone. They are our Worship, Education, Music and Fellowship Ministries. We would love for you to join one or all of them, if your time permits. We would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy reading The KKPM Scribe!

Love, peace and joy, and all of God’s blessings!Ω