by Adoracion Chang, Clyde Ebo & Flor Sitchon

In late 2000 Cardinal Maida discussed with Fr. Gary Schulte of St. Sylvester how Filipino Catholics should unify in the practice of their faith. Despite being scattered across the state, a monthly mass would bind the Filipino community and perpetuate our rich culture and traditions.

True to their devotion to the Blessed Mother, the KKPM celebrated Flores de Mayo on May 7, 2016 at St. Rene Goupil Catholic Church. The celebration started with a Rosary Procession, followed by a Holy Mass and culminated with a fellowship.

Witnessing this beautiful Filipino tradition, I felt like I was back in my hometown once again. It brought back memories of my childhood years.

by Flor Sitchon

It is always nerve-wrecking to start something new. So you can just imagine how many butterflies are taking over my whole body on the construction of this maiden issue of our newsletter, The KKPM Scribe.

As our organization grows, so does the need for us to be able to share information about our activities and events with other Filipino- American organizations and communities in Michigan. WE ARE SO EXCITED and HONORED to be a part of the ST. RENE GOUPI PARISH website which has allowed us to achieve this.

by Jude Garza Bunao

It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the inaugural edition of the KKPM Scribe!

The Editorial board and I couldn't be more thrilled to have made it to this point! This newsletter intends to keep you all up-to-date on the KKPM activities. The Scribe would enable us to highlight stories, celebrate each other's milestones, triumphs and specia occasions, and at the same time, promote and uphold ourrich Filipino heritage, culture, customs and traditions.

by Msgr. John Vargas

Our KKPM newsletter is title “The Scribe”. The expression comes from the latin word “scribere” meaning to write. KKPM scribe writes about his Filipino-American life in consonance with habits and customs of our country, our beloved Philippines.

The “Scribe” will focus its “Vision” on KKPM’s message of unifying our Filipino Catholic heritage - be it in Liturgy and Worship.

by Flor Sitchon

A Surprise Visit! On April 23rd, Fr Steve Koehler, our St Rene Goupil Parish Priest, brought a surprise visitor to the KKPM Youth Choir whilst rehearsing for their May 7th event. Our Youth Choir had a rare visit by His Excellency Archbishop Allen Vigneron, Archdiocese of Detroit.

As a way of thanking him for the visit, the Youth Choir sang the beautiful song " Dona Nobis Pacem", to our Archbishop Vigneron's delight.

by Ava Garza Bunao

On Flores de Mayo, my choir family & I sing special songs dedicated to Mama Mary.

I love participating in a special procession where we pray the rosary. Everybody, young and old wear white and pastel outfits.

When we get inside the church everybody offer colorful, pretty flowers to a statue of Mama Mary.

Then, while the adult & youth choir sing Reyna ng Langit, a little girl and a couple crown the statue of Mama Mary.

by Daniel Anzaldo & Clyde Ebo

The most challenging task is to come up with a name for the KKPM newsletter. Our supportive, energetic and fun President, Tita Flor came up with the “Name the KKPM Newsletter Contest” and at the same time donated the prize for the winners.

There were several factors taken into consideration: Originality, Simple yet Catching, Reflective of what KKPM stands for, and Art Work.

There were 7 entries, which was narrowed down to 5 by a panel of judges. The KKPM general membership voted on the best name that embodies the spirit and unity of the KKPM membership.

by Sharon Galizia Mendoza